Our Journey to Build the ACE Resource Network

Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs. 

To those who understand, they bring forth a maelstrom of emotions and questions. Painful moments and extremely difficult periods of our lives. Cause for self healing and reflection. Sometimes, cause for alarm. 

But there are many people who have never heard of ACEs – and don’t grasp their power to shape our lives.

Many aren’t even aware of the existence of ACEs. And so, they don’t realize how each of us has the power to grow, to heal, to thrive – despite of their ACEs – and sometimes because of them.

More than a year ago, we set out to raise awareness of ACEs. We envisioned the ACE Resource Network as a place for people to visit as they began their journey of healing. Amazingly, in the months and weeks since we first sketched the model for the ACE Resource Network on a whiteboard, it has grown to become so much more.

Today, the ACE Resource Network is working to gather the collective wisdom of the pioneers and trailblazers in the ACEs space. We are building a digital hub to make available the latest information and research to any and all who are looking to learn, or heal, or both.  

We invite anyone with resources to add – or a megaphone that can be shared – to please join us.

It is our true hope that the ACE Resource Network can help to inform, and to heal, and ultimately, to disrupt the intergenerational cycle of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

2 thoughts on “Our Journey to Build the ACE Resource Network

  1. Where can I find the ACE Number questionnaire to take it myself? Or does one need to have a person to guide or translate for me after I’ve taken it?
    Thanks… Betty in Raleigh, NC

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