The ACE Resource Network launched The Story of Your Number campaign in May 2021 to build awareness of ACEs.

If you are a media organization, influencer, advocacy group, or any organization interested in helping us spread a unified message about ACEs, we humbly request your assistance.

Our vision is to build a campaign that includes painted buildings, billboards, posters, print ads, social media, radio and television commercials, local events, film, music, artists, celebrities, influencers, government, community leaders, corporate and media partners.

Interested in joining us? Email [email protected].

A Ground-Breaking Piece of Research

Childhood exposure to violence, neglect, abuse, and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are profound risk factors for a multitude of lifelong health problems.

Recognizing the urgent need to better understand how ACEs can affect a person’s biological functioning, because this could hold the key to more effective interventions—the ACE Resource Network has funded and will collaborate on a first-of-its-kind research effort at the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where experts in human genetics will leverage large-scale clinical and genetic data from the UK Biobank to investigate mechanisms underlying ACEs and identify factors that protect against their ill effects.

Effort Underway

Community-based Intervention

We are currently exploring models for community-based intervention that interrupt the generational transfer of childhood adversities. If you are involved in similar efforts, we’d love to hear from you. Please email [email protected].

Effort Underway

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